Which patches to apply, in what order, and where to download them
Author : 242Sqn_Dave / Date : 16-08-2005 13:49
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A number of problems arise from incorrect patch order, including the game failing to start, cockpits missing, errors loading certain maps, and errors loading certain objects. Here is the way to avoid them:

For a standalone Pacific Fighters installation:

Install Pacific Fighters
Install patch pf_v303.exe (100MB)
Install patch pf_v401.exe (100MB)
Install patch pf_v402.exe (25MB)
Install patch pf_v403.exe (60MB)
Install patch pf_v404.exe (60MB)

For the merged Forgotten Battles/Ace Expansion Pack/Pacific Fighters installation:

Install Forgotten Battles
Install Aces Expansion Pack
Install Pacific Fighters
Install patch pf_303m.exe (100MB)
Install patch pf_v401m.exe (141MB)
Install patch pf_v402m.exe (30MB)
Install patch pf_v403m.exe (130MB)
Install patch pf_v404m.exe (21MB)

You can download the correct patches from the official Pacific Fighters updates server. The file names given above match those available to download from ubi's updates server (correct as of 23rd February 2006).

Note that the standalone patches do not have "m" in the file name and the merged patches do.